Welcome to the
Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club

The Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club is a group of Ham Radio enthusiasts devoted to advancing all aspects of amateur radio. We serve the communities of Cape Cod, Eastern Massachusetts and beyond. Our mission is to recruit, train and ​help Ham Radio operators carry on the many traditions of amateur radio:

  • To organize and train members to provide communications during emergencies or natural disasters as a public service.
  • To promote interest and proficiency in amateur radio communications while helping to improve operating skills and technical proficiency.
  • To pursue emerging and innovative communications technologies that enhance our emergency preparedness and help our members gain experience with modern systems.
  • To help newcomers and existing Amateur Radio operators with training and testing to obtain both entry level and higher class Amateur Radio Licenses. 
  • To conduct activities and programs to advance the awareness of the service and benefits of amateur radio in our communities.
  • To simply have fun with Amateur Radio!

The club was founded 48 years ago in the summer of 1976 by Frank Henrique, WA1LGW (SK) and son Dana WA1KYU. PARC has grown in many ways for almost 5 decades. We have been active in amateur radio emergency communications,  license classes/test instruction,  and maintaining our 2 repeaters in Truro and Harwich. We have been an ARRL affiliated club for 47 years.

Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net
On Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm ET, the Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club (PARC) holds its weekly Net.

  •        Truro WA1YFV Repeater: 147.255+ pl 67
  •        EchoLink: WA1YFV-R
  •        AllStar: PilgrimARC-HUB 532900 
  •        Hamshack Hotline: 94070

All are cordially invited to join the dialog and fun!  If you would like more information about the Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club this is the perfect place to ask.  Jim, WA2UMP, is Net Control.

Amateur Radio Newsline
On Sunday evenings at 9:00 pm ET, the Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club (PARC) hosts audio news from
Amateur Radio Newsline on the Truro WA1YFV Repeater: 147.255+ pl 67.

ARRL Audio News
On Monday evenings at 9:00 pm ET, the Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club (PARC) hosts  news from
ARRL Audio News on the Truro WA1YFV Repeater: 147.255+ pl 67.

North Star Digital Net
On Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm ET you can participate in the North Star Digital Net.
This net primarily operates on the ​DMR STEM Talk Group 31630 on BrandMeister.
We often have this net linked to the Truro WA1YFV Repeater: 147.255+ pl 67.

The North Star Digital Net allows for the unbiased exchange of information with an opportunity to talk with other digital enthusiasts. The format remains informal and interactive. There is no fixed membership nor any geographic confines, so all are encouraged to drop by and join the dialog. Details are provided on the webpage: http://www.northstardigitalnet.us/  Jim, WA2UMP, is Net Control.

This is a reminder for club members to renew your 2024 membership dues. Any non-members are welcome to join. Quick and easy online renewal, or go to our Membership page.

1. Complete the Application/Renewal Form and click ‘Send’

2. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button to pay for your membership with a secure payment via your credit card or paypal. Enter the total of your membership plus any donation amount. Regular membership is $20 per year. Membership runs from January through December.