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All paid memberships run per calendar year and expire every December 31st.

See the Membership Information Document for more info.

Annual dues: Individual Full Member $20; Associate Member $10; Family Membership - $20 per year for the first member, who must be a licensed amateur radio operator, and $5 per year for each additional member living in the same household as the primary member.

Join or Renew on-line - 3 Easy Steps:

1. Download and complete the Application/Renewal Form.

2. Email your completed form to:

  1. 3.Click the “Buy Now” button below to pay for your membership with a secure payment via your credit card or PayPal. Enter the total of your membership plus any donation amount.

Join or Renew by Mail - 3 Easy Steps:

1. Download, fill out, and print out your completed Application/Renewal Form.

2. Make a check payable to Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club for your dues amount.

3. Mail your completed Application/Renewal Form and check to:

                                            The Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club

                                            PO Box 73

                                            South Harwich, MA 02661

Questions or need more information? Please call 508-432-1383 or email Dana, or drop him a note at the above address.

Join or Renew In Person - 2 Easy Steps:

  1. 1.Please download, fill out, and print out your completed Application/Renewal Form, and bring it to the meeting with you.

  1. 2.Please present it, along with your dues payment to our treasurer.

General Information

Membership Requirement: All we ask is an interest in ham radio or ham communications technologies in general. Our members are generally licensed hams but unlicensed persons are also welcome. Candidates must be approved by a majority vote of the voting members present at a given meeting but I don't think we've turned anybody down yet.

Meetings: 7:00 PM the second Monday of the month at the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, 195 Route 137, East Harwich, MA.  It is the former Hoyt’s Cinema building. We typically have about 2 luncheons a year and in those months, there is no business meeting. Check the home page for details.

Parking: There is ample parking in front of the building.

Officer’s Terms: Officers are elected for a one-year term which runs per calendar year.

Constitution & By-Laws:

View the current document as of February 11, 2014.

View the original document of August 16, 1976.

Social Events: From time to time, the club will host lunch and/or dinner gatherings which are open to club members, spouses, and their guests. For dates, times, and places check our web site’s Home page. 

Interest Profile: While we are a small club of about 40 people, you will find our members have many interests ranging from technical to rag chewing to contesting and operating various modes of digital or analog on various bands. Also, in 2008, the Club returned to its tradition of sponsoring a Technician Licensing Class. Check the Classes & Exams page for details.

For what do we use the dues money?

Your dues money helps fund construction and maintenance of the WA1YFV repeaters, their related equipment, and all regular Club operating expenses.